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of the obama white house. >> a conservative jews who showed up for the last of the who's who. nearly a dozen republicans who might be considering a one run for the 2016 presidential nomination were at the casting call. he may be looking for a spot on the gop ticket. announcing saturday he is retired from medicine and teasing the audience with hypotheticals. just say you put me into the white house. >> scott walker hasn't pulled out a 2016 bit for the white house but he said republicans should look beyond washington to find a new direction for the party. real reform doesn't happen in our nation's capital it happens in our state houses all across this great country could to make big a way for some on saturday. he laid out his idea using a candle and play ball. we don't need new prince )- close-paren but we need a lot of ideas about how to implement those principles in the 21st century. sarah palen made the crowd roar. it wasn't all jokes for alaska's former governor who didn't pull any punches criticizing the president. barack obama prods the -- promised most transparent ministration ever. but
. the last time the president visited was in october. the white house says this time mr. obama will attend a fund-raiser in san francisco with house minority leader nancy pelosi on april 3rd. he's also scheduled to attend two democratic fund-raisers in atherton the following day, a lunch at the home of john goldman, part of the levi strauss family, and a brunch. >>> two employees at the popular music venue ash kens that have been upgraded to stable condition after being shot during a robbery. the music and dance center is near the corner of san pablo avenue and gillman street in berkeley. investigators say two men came in about midnight and demanded cash. two employees were shot. an employee said ashkenaz may have been targeted because of an increase in events to celebrate the nonprofit's 40th anniversary. >> as maybe more people have been coming into the space, they see the money. and we're pretty casual here because we're community-run. we don't -- no one feels a sense of needing to police anybody too much. maybe people who come, they just see there's a lot of people and they just think
, they could not be happier. obama also said he had to shut down white house tours because of the sequestered. do not worry, though -- the $250 million for the muslim brotherhood, that is safe. the federal grant to study the sex habits of gophers -- that is safe. we also apparently have enough money for the government to spy on americans' personal finances. did you see that? reuters reported that obama is drawing up a plan to allow our spy agencies to scour the personal finances of americans. most americans do not care. after four years of obama, they do not really have any personal finances to scour. most of them told obama, "let me know if you find anything." [laughter] i do not know why republicans keep saying we have to cut spending to save entitlement programs for our grandchildren. we have to cut spending to save entitlements for today's 45- year-olds. on today's spending rate, 45- year-olds will not receive any medicare. liberal's response is to say the medicare is the most popular program in history. that is not saying much. they determined that by asking the recipients of medicare, d
. then there was the time where he reportedly left the prime minister cooling his heels in the white house when mr. obama went up and had dinner with michelle and the kids. then, of course, the lecture that the prime minister gave the president in the oval office during a photo op. i mean, you're a professional diplomat. can that really be overcome when you're dealing with personal issues versus policy? >> oh, absolutely. i think you grit your teeth very hard and after the meeting is over and you're in private with your own friends and aidees, you may have a few choice words. in the meetings themselves, it's important for national interest to prevail. i would be surprised if that didn't happen. nothing really should be allowed to obscure the gap between the policies that the obama administration is pursuing and what netanyahu and the israelis would like to see. it's that huge substantive canyon that's important here, not their personal likes or dislikes. >> the poll showed 10% of israelis like the president. the white house, according to the "new york times", a senior official said the setting that he'll
. >> when you're the president you can play ball in the house. check it out. an official white house photo of president obama hurling a basketball in the oval office. the picture was taken in february. it's a tradition for mr. obama to hit the court every election day. the last time he skipped a game on election day he lost the 2008 new hampshire primary. that does for us >>> this is "world news." tonight, breaking news, a deadly bus crash on the way to a game. what we've learned about the driver, the female coach, the victims. investigators are on the scene tonight. >>> fire fears, the fires already raging four weeks before the season was supposed to start. it led to nightmares for towns. >> daddy. the images from the front lines tonight. >>> hidden no more, undercover cameras revealing animal cruelty on what some factory farms. now kicked out, the new laws against them, protecting the animals or the farmers? they don't want the images out. brian ross investigates tonight. >>> and the great girl scout cookie caper. a town overjoyed when they thought a company bought 6,000 boxes. it was a
library of president obama. they are stepping up campaigns to build the center which will house important records of his two terms in office. >> colleges and community groups are drafting propose ales. chicago and hawaii have visited other presidential libraries. >> honolulu has picked out a site. >> $75 million plot overlooking the ocean. president obama will decide the city and location. >>> irs said it has millions of refunds that it would like to send. the agency said more than 984,000 americans have yet to filed the 2,009 returns. >> irs said if you want to get money back. now is the time to do it. 2,009 tax returns must be submitted by april 15th or lotherwise the money is handed over to the u.s. treasury. >>> they plan to protest tomorrow morning. american postal workers and union are upset about budget cuts. they announce they plan to stop delivering mail on saturdays to save $2 billion a year. >> it will cut back on hours and shifts for thousands of workers. >> they plan to demonstrate in front of the masconi center west. and patrick done my will smoke at a forum. >>> the musicia
after the obama administration said the tours of the people's house were cancelled due to budget cuts. so the kids have taken their message all the way to the nation's capitol. earlier this month, the students drew a lot of attention, after they posted this video. take a look. >> the white house is our house. we want to visit! >> jamie: well, students managed to make it as far as the white house gates and held up the same signs they used in their video. a day earlier, they did receive a tour of the capitol and got to stand on the balcony outside speaker john boehner's office. but no white house tiewmpl. >> eric: the security administration rolling out a new device to try to fight against terror. the agency says this is the world's first so-called -- ready for this -- nonimpact explosive trace detection system. it not only screens for bombs, but can find illegal drugs, too. we have more on what this fancy thing is. >> reporter: it's a fancy thing-a-ma-jig. it's called the quantum sniffer, approved by the tsa in january to help identify potentially dangerous packages. despite congress r
swipes at president obama and new york mayor michael bloomberg. >>> house speaker john boehner said he absolutely trusts president barack obama and the two are open and honest with each other but they have big gaps to bridge when it comes to reducing the deficit. he said the president is on charm offensive. but if an exclusive interview on abc's "this week" the republican leader made it clear he intends to hold the line against any new stacks. he tells abcs martha raditz that the key issue is spending. >> when you get down to the bottom line, the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people. we aren't going to get very far on that. if the president doesn't believe that there needs to be a balance of the budget over the next ten years, i'm not sure we are going to get very far. and this is the whole issue. we have a spending problem here in washington. it's time to solve the problem. >> house budget committee chairman paul ryan released a budget last week to balance the budget in ten years but a main tenant of the plan calls for repealing the president's a
cards that get a whole lot of cash. and my tweet over the white house tours earning me a call from the obama administration. you will hear that pledge only right here. stick around. ((( ( n nevil. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: turns out green may not be see clean. amount of co two when manufacturing and electric vehicle is more than double the amount when making a gas powered car. depending on how many miles it is driven it may never make up the difference. jonathan, this comes after the the calls for more than $2 billion in green investments. is he kidding? >> these reports demonstrated once again the inherent corruption of the green movement of the environmental movement. electric car creates more co2 but we saw the same thing with ethanol. that was previous technology that the greens were pushing. that made more co2 and we spent billions of dollars subsidized. it goes to what the green movement is about. it's hurting man. it's not protecting nature. just the audacity of government toorce you to taxing you to pay for it that doesn't work and is of no help you to? if that is not suicidal i
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system. i want to do something real quick here. take you back, if we can, back to president obama on wednesday. this is the start of his middle east trip, as i said. heading to israel and what the white house is calling a listening tour. cnn's athena jones has more of what to expect. >> reporter: barack obama last visited israel as the candidate during his 2008 campaign for the white house. five years later, with a bloody conflict raging in syria, rising tensions about iran's nuclear program and a stalled middle east peace process, the stakes are much higher. so, just what can the president hope to akeeve? >> this trip is about managing middle east problems. not about solving the problems. the president is going out to try to reach the israeli and palestinian publics and try to convince them that he is attune to their interests. >> reporter: convincing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to allow more time for diplomacy to stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon will top the agenda. in an interview with israeli tv, the president insisted this approach is working. >> we th
's a weariness among membership in the senate and the house about this constant grind, day in, day out, of argument and crisis instead of productivity and movement forward. >> paul: president obama sounding a bipartisan town in washington. with the sequester two weeks old and his numbers dipping. they're looking at many and meeting with the house and senate from both parties. so is outreach sincere and how should republicans respond. we're back with dan henninger and peggy noonan. dan, two weeks ago the president was attacking republicans for these supposedly horrible spending cuts and now he's reaching out to them. >> well, what i make of the change in strategy, the republicans called his bluff and let the sequester happen and the sky didn't fall. a couple of things did happen his approval rating dropped 12 points among women and the handling of the economy is a dead heat with the republicans. he doesn't have to run for reelection again, but a lot of democrats do and if you're a democrat who needs to get reelected you're getting very nervous and i think the democratic elites in washin
. >>> this week president obama will embark in the middle east and joining me now, nbc white house correspondent peter al kpa kpapder. >> the reporters ahead of the president's trip, the president will not get there until about wednesday. i got off the phone a short time with a former middle east envoy dennis ross who said the unique sim p bolls and sense ptivities in a trip like this. the president will spend less than 48 hours on the ground in israel. the highlight of his trip as soon as he lands. while he's not going to make a trip to visit the iron dome batted field. the rasheed walla the israelis are going to bring it to where air force one lands. there will also be a lot of symbolic trips, we will not go to the western wall, he won't go to the mosque one of which is significant to judaism, another one that's significant to islam, to the muslims. he will go and visit the church of the nativity in bethlehem. he is trying to go to places that have significant relevance to some of the people where the three world religions, judaism, christianity and islam meet without offending any of the othe
? president obama reaches out to all members of congress just as house republicans and senate democrats come out with dramatically different blueprints for our fiscal future. what are the chances for a compromise? we will ask two is senators leading the debate, democrat dick durbin and republican bob corker. then, republican at a crossroads. as conservative activists gather in washington, g gop leaders argue about the future of the party. we'll discuss differences within the gop with matt kibbie of freedom works and former congressman steve latourette of the republican mainstream partnership. >>> the u.s. responds to north korean threats by beefing up its missile defense as the president heads to israel. we will ask our sunday panel whether mr. obama has the right answers to foreign policy challenges around the world. and our power player of the week. a celebrity chef combines the classic with the cutting edge. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: hello again and happy st. patrick's day from fox news in washington. the president met with republicans and democrats in both the house a
you. >> thank you. >>> next, two iraq war veterans who also happen to be newly elected to the house of representatives. >>> and later, president obama deploys his charm offensive to woo republicans but has he forgotten the democrats? our political panel weighs in, raul grijlva, democratic strategist kiki mclean and a new voice from the republican party dr. ben carson. >> you don't have to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to understand that if we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, we are going to destroy our nation. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource™. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and extensive coverage of major asset classes... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all brought to you by one firm tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with comprehensive education, tools and personal guidance tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to help you find etfs that may be right for you. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab etf oneso
, two iraq war veterans who also happen to be newly elected to the house of representatives. >>> and later, president obama deploys his charm offensive to woo republicans but has he forgotten the democrats? our political panel weighs in, democratic strategist kiki maclaine and a new voice from the republican party dr. ben carson. >> you don't have to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to understand that if we continue to spend ourselves into oblivion, we are going to destroy our nation. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before ta
is the right way to go. fundamental tax reform for economic growth. patient center care rhee placing obama care. a responsible balanced budget. >> meanwhile, abc this week, house speaker john boehner says although they disagree, he trusts president obama. >> the president and i, as i've made very clear, have a very good relationship. we're open with each other. we're honest with each other. but we're trying to bridge some big differences. >> so do up trust president obama? >> absolutely. >> absolutely? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. firearms, flip-flops and flights to the middle east will all be part of what next week in washington will look like. lots to talk about. i want to get right to it. msnbc contributor goldie tailor of the goldie taylor project and david of the "the washington p." good to see all of you. good story with the republicans rank, when ohio senator rob portman, want co-sponsor of doma, defense of marriage act, snu ports same-sex marriage citing his gay son. house speaker john boehner asked about his own stance this morning on abc. take a listen. >> can you imagine yourself in
stop in florida. achina jones has more on what the president faced on his trip. >> barack obama last visited israel as a candidate during his 2008 campaign for the white house. five years later, a bloody conflict raging in syria, rises tensioning about iran's nuclear program, and a process, the stakes are much liar, so what can the president hope to achieve? >> this president is not about managing middle east problems, not about solving problems. he's going out to try to reach the israeli and palestinian public and try to convince them that he is attune to their interests. >> kwinlszing israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for allow more time for diplomacy to stop iran from a nuclear weapon is likely. >> it would take over a year or so for tehran to develop a nuclear weapon, but obviously, we don't want to cut it too close. what we're going to be doing is continue to engage internationally with iran, understanding that we have set up the toughest sanctions ever. it's having a significant effect. >> that's going to be a tough sell, both for the israeli leadership and the israeli
stage. >> clayton: as a brain surgeon criticizing obama's health care plan during the the prayer breakfast saying there was another way, the president looked withered at that moment. and here is dr. carson saying what it would take forward in the white house. >> if i were trying to destroy this nation. let's say you magically you know, put me into the white house. all right, i take it back. (laughter) but let's say somebody was there and -- and they wanted to destroy this nation. what would you do? let me tell you what i would do. first of all, i would create division among the people. i would have everybody pitted against each other because a wise man by the name of jesus once said a house divided against itself cannot stand. and then i would encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country. and then i would undermine the financial stability of the country and drive it so far into debt that there was absolutely no chance that it would cover and i would weaken the military and destroy the morale of the military. it appears,
obama and new york mayor bloomberg. >>> coming up, this week has an exclusive one-on-one, speaker of the house john bain we're martha raditz taking on the president and the budget show-down. plus the powerhouse round table. don't miss it. abc's "this week" coming up at 8:00 on abc7 after gma with dan abrams, of course. coming up next, undercover videos have changed the animal trulity laws in several states, but now why it could be considered criminal activity to shoot those very videos of that made the difference. and a progress report on the fourth bore of the called cot tunnel. the features that will make it a >> 6:30. right now i'm kira klapper in for carolyn tyler. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, kira. good morning to you. hears a look at san francisco where temperatures are pretty mild. upper 40s to the 50s. we are going to look for numbers around the bay to stay in the 40s and 50s throughout the next couple of hours. the difference this morning, we are clear. no fog to speak of. the coolest number
the common sense caucus. >> president obama continues the charm offensive. >> good to see you, sir. >> is a grand bargain still possible? we get answers from our exclusive guest, house speaker john boehner, only on "this week." >>> plus -- >> we're here to rebuild a country. >> conservatives crash the capitol. >>> cardinals make an historic choice. >>> and the pentagon >>> and the pentagon adding new missile defenses on the west coast. how serious is the north korean threat to all of us? >>> plus, on the tenth anniversary of the iraq war, abc's own bob woodruff is here for a special look back. >>> hello, again. george is off today. great to have you with us. if president obama hoped his charm offensive would improve chances of a grand bargain, the release of those dueling budget proposals this week, showed just how far apart the two parties really are. so, where does that leave us? our exclusive guests will have a lot of say in whether it does happen. we're please to welcome house speaker john boehner. good morning, mr. boehner. >> good to be with you, martha >> it's great to have and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> house speaker john boehner says he quote, absolutely trusts president obama. he made the comment on abc's "this week." they do agree that the country doesn't have an immediate debt crisis, but it does have one that is looming and can be the be ignored. dante stalworth is in the hospital after a hot air balloon crash. the balloon slammed into power lines and left the veteran player with serious burns. he didn't suffer critical damage. two dozen people were in the balloon at the time and at least one of them was injured. hillsborough river is green for the paint paddy's day. but it is not easy being green. workers had to dump more than 200 pounds of dye into the water there. that's a look at some of our top stories. after a week of getting beat up over the decision to allow small knives on commercial planes, the transportation security administration is rolling out a new device that it says will help in the fight against terror. the agent says it's a machine that not only screens for bombs, but also for illegal drugs.
. house republicans are trying to be more efficient. >> let me ask you this, senator. president obama is trying a new strategy. he's reaching out to congress, holding meetings on capitol hill. i don't understand why these weren't happening 18 months ago. but there's a shift from the campaign-style events we've seen over the last month. listen to something he said to george stephanopoulos earlier this week. >> i'm trying to create an atmosphere where democrats and republicans can get together and try to get something done. but ultimately it may be that the differences are just too wide. if their position is we can't do any revenue or we can only do revenue if we gut medicare or gut social security or gut medicaid. if that's the position, then we're probably not going to be able to get a deal. >> probably not going to be able to get a deal. is it still possible to bridge the partisan divide now that republicans and democrats are really having to line up behind their very different, as you pointed out, very different budget proposals? >> first of all, he said it may be that we can't cros
it will not bear fruit. >> senator lindsey graham on the president's charm offensive. yourd house republicans the president to work with them on a balanced budget. oklahoma congressman james langford on why that is not good enough for obama. >> plus, should the republican party take a different direction to attract women and minority voters? >> we need to call out the hypocrisy on the left. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> mike: thaand happy st. patry weekend to everybody. i wore the tie just for the occasion. only weekend of the whole year i get to wear it so i hope you like it. welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. my first trip to israel occurred nearly 40 years ago in july 1973. just a couple of months before the yom kippur war i was a teenager at the time. i purchase a map and ask the people there to open the map and show me where israel is. israel is not on the map. interesting, isn't it? israelis are asked to make peace with the people who refuse to acknowledge their existences. israel is condemned for its construction of a security wall but
with president obama in the capitol basement, to not ask for pictures or autographs. if you look at all the media stories about house republicans being unruly, battling boehner, they are trying right now in this 2013 year to be a little more serious and repair their reputation. there may have been some scattered stories about tweeting and using cell phones. i think you see that everywhere in american life. host: chairman of the house budget committee, paul ryan, delivering remarks at the conference. focusing on his budget plan he unveiled the weekend. clip] >> president obama and senate democrats said they want a balanced budget -- a balanced approach to our fiscal issues. their budget does not balance. this will lead us right into a debt crisis. your opportunities, less security. what will this look like? lenders will demand higher interest rates, and when they do, interest rates will skyrocket on credit cards, and mortgages, on car loans. if interest rates rise, debt payments will overwhelm all other items in the budget. that will overwhelm our economy. our finances will collapse. the safety ne
.s. delegation to the ceremony. >>> president obama is preparing to head to the middle east. he'll make his first trip to israel since taking office on tuesday. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. the white house says the purpose of the trip is to express u.s. support for israel security and jump start israeli/palestinian peace talks. >>> you're looking now at live pictures of the courthouse in ohio where two steubenville, ohio, high school players are on trial for rape and will soon learn their fate. a judge is expected to hand down his vurnerdict in the next hour. trent mays and malik richmond. cnn will have coverage of the verdict. >>> thank you so much for watching "state of the union." head to for web extras, including our very popular online segment called getting to know. this week you can get to know more about dr. ben carson. if you missed any part of today's show, find us on itunes. just search state of the union. i'm candy crowley in washington. fareed zakaria "gps" is next for our viewers here in the united states. >>> this is "gps" the global public s
to the ceremony. >>> president obama's preparing to head to the middle east. he will make his first trip to israel since taking office on tuesday. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. the white house says the purpose of the trip is to express u.s. support for israel's security and jump start israeli/palestinian peace talks. >>> hazardous conditions from two fires forced a temporary shut down of i-95 in florida in both directions. the interstate was closed between state roads 44 and 46. it is now open to traffic, again. >>> thank you for watching "state of the union." head to for web extras. including our latest installment of "getting to know" with dr. ben carson. >>> beginning tomorrow jake tapper will have the full story on his new week day show "the lead" begins tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. if you missed eed any part of today's show, join us on itunes. i'm candy really in washington. we'll start on the korean peninsula where the korean war has started, again, technically, after the north ended the armistice. could there be conflict if there is the united states is bound
exploration, the obama administration has driven jobs overseas. in this budget, the house republicans in the subsidies, -- support for this budget translates into a response will plan to grow our economy and create jobs. i yield back my time. >> i would like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from indiana. >> thank you. what we are doing here today, people in america are hurting. to many parents have come hold -- come home and told their children they do not have a job. washington has refused to make the tough choices necessary to top-start a healthy economy create jobs and opportunity to create jobs and opportunity for every american. we hear a lot from the other side of the aisle about a balanced approach. there is not much balanced about a budget that does not balanced. beyond that, if the american people understand our approach, they would understand it is very balanced, despite the rhetoric on the other side, this budget does not cut spending. our budget controls spending. schists spending. given the rhetoric on the other side, our constituents might be surprised to learn spen
for the democrats for the house of representatives, the republicans still have control of 22 more seats. they still have the power in the house. that is why we have john boehner who is not place very nicely with president obama. although president obama is doing his best. >> i want to make one quick point about the university topic. a lot of wealthy corporations and funds fund private endow chairs. koch is unique that it came out recently they are giving to florida state university. they say you accept our money and we approve the type of research and who is hired at the school. again, this goes back to the foundation, which is trans connected with the lobbying office. >> what happens then, you have that leading to global warming. the science department is leading to the kochs direction. they can actually have an affect on academia where you are not doing a deal on the newspaper. they are shaping the debate and shaping what students are learning. >>> up next, new york's mayor is soon out of a job, but he is being clear he is not going anywhere. he is going national. >>> a hearty congratulations to
of the white house back in the 90s but she remembers what the interactions were like. rahm emanuel was back not necessarily -- is certainly an adviser and there was president obama and it informed a little bit of the move of needing to be oldish and needing to be strong when it comes to dealing with benjamin netanyahu because everyone has been there before. i have had american officials tell me benjamin netanyahu thinks he can wait this out until we leave but we are going to be here longer than him. so we can just try to move the ball forward a little bit here and there until he is edged out of the political scene because that's the nature of politics in israel but benjamin netanyahu had just been reelected. there were a series of miscalculations, but i think what i would like to remind people of is that there is a tendency in the arab world and possibly around the world to always say it's america's fault. americans did not deliver and to some extent there is absolute truth to that but it's important for people like me and people in the arab world to come to grips with their own responsibil
. but the key thing there is that each time both the clinton administration and the obama administration tried to do this it was essentially a top-down, inside the beltway strategy. we are going after and trying to cajole and convince and persuade the members of the senate and the house to pass this legislation without first engaging the broad public and building a citizens movement, a issue public as i talked about before that was actually demanding change. because in the end politicians care about their job. and if they don't feel like there's a political price to pay for opposing action on climate change or alternatively a political opportunity to be had by being a leader on this issue, it's very easy for them to say, "you know what? i've got a lot of other things here on my plate to deal with. i've got lots of lobbyists coming to my offi as well as people back home saying, do this, do that, do this. and it's not climate change. so until they feel that they have to act many of them probably won't. and in fact, almost you couldn't find a worse problem that fits with our current political ins
. but when barack obama wanted to reach out and work with republicans, nancy said, as you remember, we won the elections, we will write the bills. when the democrats were controlling the house what they've done before and what they've done since is to us closed rules to prevent amendments from being offered. so i do not dismiss at all the criticisms of the republican party and i agree it's become more locked in against compromise which is the essential ingredient of the nation of 320 million people. it's not a consensus, it is compromise. to shut it off as the republican hardy has done is a terrible problem but let's not -- >> they've also been partners in the sand and just a couple of u.s. house members have lost in their primaries as part of the democratic purification process. so, what we have here is a system where both parties are -- that's the reason why the subtitle in the book is written not by me but the other in the atlantic magazine turning republicans and democrats because they're focused on party, focused on party advantage. how do we win the next election. and i have argued t
reform. host: we brought you on take talk about donors in the white house agenda. organizing for action, why is this group and why is it important for you? guest: after the presidential election, president obama decided to take all the apparatus, all the emails, all the names and addresses of donors and put them in an organization called organizing for action. in "the los angeles times," in the new york times came out with the record his -- the president was asking them to bundle $500,000 and if they did that they'd be put on an advisory committee and four times a year get access. common cause believes that's the wrong way to go. we want to push back on citizens united and believe money is important but money can stifle peach. -- speech. we believe the invention of superpacs and explosion of money, some people say $7 billion was spend in the last a election. we wanted the president to stand up for reform. him, he surrounding needs to get high access to work on immigration and gun issues. what we said, mr. president, we don't want you to disarm but lead on in reach. -- in reform. you'r
you want to talk about the influence of donors upon white house agenda. particularly, a new group that was formed, organizing for action. presidentiallast election, president obama took all of the apparatus, all the e- mails, all the names and addresses of donors and put them into an organization called organizing for action. in the los angeles times in the new york times came out with a report that the president was asking his top donors to bundle $500,000. if they did that, they would be put on an advisory committee. cause believes that is the wrong way to go. we want to push back on citizens united. we believe money is important and that money can stifle speech. we believe the invention of superpacs and the explosion of money -- we wanted the president to stand up for reform. the people surrounding the president say he needs this secular organization with high donors getting access to work on immigration and on gun issues. we said, mr. president, we want you to lead on reform. you are the first president not to take a presidential public financing system in 2008 that every othe
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